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Bali Ocean Aquarium exporter of saltwater live tropical fish & invertebrate, distributing wholesale world wide, located in Bali, buy direct from the source
1. All Price are in us$: FOB Ngurah Rai - Bali Airport 
2. All Order has to meet in minimum of us$ 500 per shipment. 
3. Packing cost us$ 8,00 per box. 
4. Document and Custom charge is us$ 50,00 /shipment (big or small
5. Advance deposit is required for security purpose .it does not  including payment of every shipment for every shipment. If the customer decide to stop ordering or business in the future, it will refund cash in to the last payment request on behave customer. 
6. Stock list will be sent 5 days before shipment and order have to be  received at last 3 days before shipment schedule. 
7. Payment use Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to: 
Beneficiary: PT Bali Antar Nusa 
Address: Raya Sesetan no.73 Denpasar - Bali Indonesia 
Bank: Lippo Bank Denpasar Branch 
Bank address: JL Thamrin no.77 Denpasar-Bali -Indonesia 
No A/C: 789-30-71008-8 

contact information phone 62  0361  237273 / 721558 . fax 62 0361 237273  address , jl mekar no.1 . pemogan.  Denpasar 80223 Bali  Indonesia. e-mail


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